3 in 1 One Day Tour

Duration: 11 hours
Pick up time: 7:00 a.m. approximately

We will drive you through the unforgettable rain forest of Braulio Carrillo National Park, one of the most important rainforest reserves for Costa Rica. Then we will take you on a relaxing boat ride on the Sarapiqui River, just sit back and observe the wildlife that is around you. After this experience you will walk into Selva Verde's eco lodge private trails which is heaven for nature enthusiasts, hikers, bird and wildlife watchers.

After a delicious lunch you will continue to the famous Rainforest Aerial Tram, a sanctuary which shelters an eco-touristic and research park like anyone in the world... . Experience the rain forest as a bird could. Observe the most complete ecosystem on Earth - the rain forest canopy. The Rain Forest Aerial Tram - Atlantic is a 475-hectares (1,200-acre) private reserve, it shares a 10 km border with Braulio Carrillo National Park and constitutes a buffer zone between the park and farming lands.

Users Reviews

The day was great. Our tour guide was really friendly and spoke slow and easy Spanish so I understood everything. He also explained the whole day things about Costa Rica, its flora and fauna, food all what you wanted to know.

At first we went to the River Sarapiqui and took a boat. We saw a lot of iguanas, monkeys, birds, lizards and even a turtle and bats. It was so quiet on the river and local kids played on the beach and monkeys pretended to be gorillas with their sound.

Then we went to walk to Selva Verde and saw a lot of beautiful flowers, interesting plants and some colorful frogs which turned to be poisonous but they were so pretty. Our guide told us information from so many plants and I learnt a lot. Then we went to eat out lunch in Selva Verde Lodge restaurant and the food was fabulous. Every one of us liked so much and I can still remember the taste of that fish that I ate.

After lunch we went to our third part of the day, telefrico tour. That was just what we needed after eating, sat there while the guide told us information about the trees. It was relaxing and the view was awesome. After that we took a walk and saw some Costa Rican snakes and frogs but safely behind the window and then we continued to butterfly garden. There were so many butterflies and even some frogs too to our glad. On the way back to San José we started to think how much we had learnt during that day and happy that we did that tour.